Weigh Day: March 2nd 2014

Here I am at the 1st weigh day. My goal is to do this every week on Wednesday. The record that I aim to keep from weigh day are photo’s, measurements (thighs, waist and hips) and body weight. So without further adue here is the benchmark.

Mood: Ate a lot of chocolate in the last week, have been intermitently exercising and generally unmotivated. 😦

Weight: 67.9 kg


Waist: 72 cm

Hips: 92 cm

Right Thigh: 62.5 cm, Left Thigh: 61.5 cm

2.3.14 Back View

The back view is not awesome at the moment, as you can see I carry most of my weight around my hips, inner thighs could also do with some improvement…

2.3.14. Front View

Taking front on shots tend to be the most unflattering which is what I am aiming for. Sure there are more flattering angles but why lie to yourself. I definitely would like some more abdominal definition.

2.3.14 Side View

Striking the zombie pose for the side shot. I feel even when I have been a bit heavier my side shot isn’t too bad as you can’t see all my hip fat. Again improvements to abdominal area, flatter toned stomach would be nice…

2.3.14 Thighs

Lastly a leg close up. I am generally happy with my legs, my only improvement would be to my inner thighs. Fat tends stick around the middle of my body.

Thats all for now



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