Signed up for a diet fad, got a lifestyle change…

So I am totally against fad diets because they are not sustainable and what is the point is looking good for a few weeks after putting in all that effort if you are just going to throw it all away and end up back where you started?

So my mum is looking to lose weight for health reasons. She is not obese or anything just over weight. She has a lot of joint issues and Achilles problems from injuries earlier in life and now in her mid 50’s she has symptoms of a women in her late 60’s… So she approached me with a passing thought and showed me this diet. Initially when I read it I was like holey smokes this fits into the extreme dieting category chopping out caffeine, sugar, dairy and wheat. Like mother like daughter we are both choc-a-sugur-holics. I could never give up sugar, at least that’s what I thought.

I spent the weekend reading up on this “fad diet” which seems to have gone viral in 2013. The diet is called “The Fast Metabolism Diet” and has been formulated by Dr Haylie Pomroy based on years of experience working with rich and famous clients. Sounds very faddy. And very extreme. But it must of caught me at a weak moment when I was feeling fat and emotional (the week before “that” time of the month as it turned out) because I suddenly (as I always do) got super enthusiastic OCD planner organizer about it and made up tables and spreadsheets and all sorts which I presented to mum and just like that we were doing this. I only read the cookbook (don’t ask me why) and online blog/ reviews to gather the general gist of the diet prior to starting. My mum actually got the book out from the library in the 1st week and read it which I definitely recommend you do if you want to try it out. Being a science geek myself it is right up my ally with human biology processes and solid points and explanations for what you are doing and why you are doing it.

So off to work I went on my 1st day (Monday), naturally being really into it I immediately became a organic chef extraordinaire. The night before I was making kale smoothies and buckwheat pancakes for my 1st day, and needless to say I fell flat on my face. Blaaaahck that stuff was horrible and I finished my 1st day with a very sensitive gag reflex and a very hungry tummy. Mum kind leaned towards the I told you so, she had pre-warned me to to go too over board with the new menu. So I calmed down a little and ate normal food and it actually wasn’t that hard.

By the end of the 1st week I had lost 2 kg which was exciting, but not all that uncommon for the 1st week of a diet as I tend to bounce pretty easily between 70 and 67 kg. At the end of the second week I only lost 400 grams 😦 but my measurements had reduced significantly, about halfway through the week I could notice it. Third week (I have just completed) and again hardly any loss 300 grams but crazy reduction in measurements, especially hips and waist where most of my stubborn fat lives. I am embarking on my fourth and final week over lapping 3 days with a holiday in Rotorua. I have noticed my muscle definition popping, my clothes are slightly looser and I feel over all great. It’s got me thinking. Do I really want to go back to sugar and all that other bad stuff?

The answer, surprisingly is no. I was the biggest sugar fiend I know. And yet since I started this diet I haven’t craved or even been attracted to anything like that. Trust me, working in construction it has all been shoved in my face. When the boys know I’m on a diet they like to test my very very weak will power. But now I am actually dreading having to go out for dinner because I don’t want to eat bad. In the past it has always been a fear of control. I will go out for a dinner buffet and go into feeding frenzy. But at the moment I just don’t want to waste money on a meal that I am not going to enjoy.

I really want to continue this way of life. It really isn’t that difficult to cut out all those things. And yes from time to time I will have a chocolate bar or a piece of cake. But if I continue to lose weight (slowly but surely) then why the heck not right?

If you are thinking about trying this I would definitely recommend the book. Also there is a lot of cooking involved so make time for that. I am a busy woman (work average 10 hrs, gym 1.5 hrs after work) and I still managed to do it. You just have to be organised and committed to changing your body for the better. This diet also has a million health benefits but I wont talk about them now. My recommendation is this diet rocks and everyone should try it!


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