Holi-Day 1

Today is day the 27th day since I started the fast metabolism diet (FMD). That’s no sugar, corn, wheat or dairy for 27 days. I don’t think that I have done that in my entire life and I am really loving the results. Not only have I noticed that my hips and waist are shrinking away, my surface fat is disappearing and my muscles are becoming more defined, even my stomach! But I love the way that I feel too.

Last night I drove from Auckalnd to Rotorua for a week long winter holiday. As we all know holidays are death traps for weight loss. It is so convenient to eat out and junk food is everywhere especially in tourist towns like Roto-veags! Needless to say I have been planning both activities and what I am going to eat over the last few weeks, I even allotted 4 cheat meals where I will be eating out,. After all it is a holiday! This sounds crazy and annoying I know but for a person like me who has zero willpower when it comes to food and goes into a feeding frenzy at the taste of sugar it is necessary. I have always believed that planning is the key to weight loss and so far it has been the key to my success.

Today we spent the day orienting ourselves. Did a little shopping and had a look around. Even though I ony have 1 day left till the ned of the diet I had planned my 1st cheat meal for tonight. We went to an all you can eat buffet. I know this is probably not the best test of my willpower but I did it anyway. I managed to load my dinner plate up mostly with meat and veggies that are compliant with the FMD but I did have french fries and some roast potatoes. And of course there was a dessert stand, luckily it only consisted of pancakes and ice cream. I had two pancakes with maple syrup and a little bowl of ice cream. I didn’t even have seconds which I usually do at this particular place.

A side from dinner I kept on track with the rest of my eating  for the day. I am in phase 3, here is what I had:

Breakfast: The usual phase 3 brecky, ¼ cup of old fashioned oats, 1 cup of berries, a dash of almond milk refrigerated overnight for mushy-ness.

Snack 1: Carrots dipped in hummus

Lunch: 100 grams of pork strips cooked in olive oil and garlic salt, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, steamed silverbeet and broccoli. 1 glass of diluted lemon juice sweetened with Birch Xylatol.

24.5.14 Phase 3 Lunch

Snack 2: Woops I had an afternoon nap and slept through this one.

Dinner: Stated above I ate out 🙂

I have been thinking about getting into yoga to supplement the other exercise and help with flexibility. I was on youtube today and gave a few routines a go. I want to do at least 10 mins a day even on day that I have already worked out. I’ll let you know how that goes…

I have some really fun activities planned for the week including mountain biking, kayaking, geothermal walks and mud baths! And it will be a real achievement for me to go on holiday and possibly lose weight.

Until tomorrow,

The Body Conscious Blogger



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