Holi-Day 2


So I had another successful day sticking to the plan and eating clean on this winter getaway. Today I went to a local wildlife park and spent a few hours walking round patting a feeding all sorts of animals including lions, wallaby’s, goats, llamas and pigs. We walked the entire park twice which was good exercise but it was a bit nippy so when we got back to the motel it was into the hot tub to veg out for the afternoon.

Cute Goat at Paradise Valley

I was getting a twitchy at 4.30 pm but it had started to rain again so bike riding was off the cards. I decided to do one of my old HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routines   that I had saved in my phone. It has been a few months since I had done any HIIT training as I have been focusing pretty heavily on weight training at the gym lately. I moved all the furniture in the living room to make space and 30 minutes later I was hot sweaty mess. I struggled towards the end, HIIT training is never easy even when you are fit and even simple exercises can be turned into impossible ass kickers which is why this kind of work out is perfect for holidays. No equipment required, you don’t even have to leave the motel! I topped that off with 10 mins of relaxing yoga to calm my breathing and another 10 minutes of stretching which left me feeling refreshed and accomplished.

I thought I might share some of my favorite at home workouts. I used to think at home workouts were for pussies because I was hard out into weight lifting. But in terms of weight loss pretty much any kind of exercise is beneficial. I have had about 10 years of personal trainers and cross training to give me an extensive library of exercises to throw together which are suitable for non gym environments but still youtube is a great place to seek inspiration and find new fun ways to workout major muscle groups. Here are my top 3 channels for home workout inspiration:

1. Melissa Bender: She is awesome, she breaks down the workouts and does them real time. Plus there are so many to chose from right from beginner to profession home work-outer? (is that a word).

2. ZuzkaLight: This chick is cut and has a sexy accent. Definitely not for beginners but if you are getting bored she has some great new ideas for exercises. Though recently she has become all studio glammed and commercial I still respect her strength. She is genuinely awesome.

3. BootyByDom: This was one of the 1st channels I stumbled across and is probably better for beginners but still fun easy workouts. She does real time and in all sorts of fun locations.

So anyway moving on to what I ate today. It is Sunday so still phase 3 of FMD:

Breakfast: I’m so boring, the usual 1/4 cup oats, 1 cup berries and a dash of almond milk refrigerated overnight.

Snack 1: Carrots and hummus (I am a creature of habit I know)

Lunch: Pork strips, boiled broccoli, silverbeet, green beans but today I was craving bread so I had FMD compliant sprouted grain toast with hummus and a fried egg on top.

Snack 2: Cherry tomatoes, no protein whoops (I wasn’t hungry and was in the hot tub so I kinda much this one up)

Dinner: Lamb steak cooked in a table spoon of olive oil, baby cos lettuce, tomatoes, and Red Quinoa + Black and Brown rice mix.

Dinner Comparison

Now while it is pretty obvious which plate is my dinner, the other plate is the dinner I cooked for my man. He isn’t into the whole FMD lifestyle and I don’t pressure him to do anything like this. I think that is really important to let people make their own decisions about when and how to do weight loss. Everyone has probably encountered that person who has started a diet and won’t shut up about it. They sit there and critique what you’re eating and you pretty much just want to hi-5 them in that face with a chair… Yea I don’t want to be one of those people. I know from experience with people who struggle with addiction, and eating is an addiction when you get over weight and obese, that the person will not change unless they do it for themselves. You can support others in their weight loss journey but if you are the one holding their hands and dragging them along then they will most likely fail.

Anyhow tomorrow is another exciting day in Roto-Vegas and I can’t wait to share my adventures and success with you tomorrow. Remember take it one day at a time, if you fail one day, then make it count the next.

Until tomorrow,

The Body Conscious Blogger.


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