Holi-Day 3

Hello Again,

Day three of my holiday has been another fun day. Unfortunately it was freezing (not really, it was 10 degrees but I am a pussy when it comes to the cold). However the sun was out so off we went to tour around the township. We visited the museum and government gardens, then managed to spend approximately an hour riding round town on our bikes. Again can I say it was freezing, so when we got back to motel it was straight into the hot tub watching the sky movies channel until dinner time. Very relaxing, especially after dark when the starts came out!

Sulfur Point Cycle Track

Once again I stuck to my meal plan and had another successful eating day! It is Monday today so that means back onto Phase 1, my favorite of the phases. After 5 days of only being able to eat berries or lemon/limes as fruit phase 1 is them most exciting. I never realized how much I enjoy fruit until I couldn’t have it. Also the grains galore mean that feeling hungry isn’t even an option. So here is what I ate:

Breakfast: 3/4 cup of homemade stewed apple fejoa mix, 1/4 cup of frozen berries, 1/2 cup of uncooked old fashioned oats.

Snack 1: Nectarine

Lunch: Scotch fillet steak, baby cos lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 1 cooked cup of brown rice macaroni and an orange

Snack 2: Apple (and I ate a tomato when I was in the hot tub which is apparently now a habit, weird)

Dinner: Pasta mince (100 grams of prime mince, 1 can of tomatoes, grated carrot, and garlic herb salt, 1 cooked cup of brown rice pasta spirals) with boiled veges (Silverbeet, broccoli and green beans)

Phase 1 Dinner


Today, being Monday, I did my measurements as I remembered to bring down my tape. However I left the scales at home by accident and my measurements are written on a piece of paper in my room so double fail :(.  I have no idea how I am tracking but at least I got the measurements down. I am very nervous as I do kinda rely on the scale (even though it is not the most accurate at telling what is really going on), for the last four weeks I have been going down and would be pretty bummed to have gone back up.

Anyways, Until tomorrow,

The Body Conscious Blogger.




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