Holi-Day 5

So I have just woken up for over sleeping an afternoon nap (It is now 8pm). If that’s not a give away, I have had a very long and eventful day. We started bright and early with a breakfast cruise on the Lakeland Queen cruising around lake Rotorua. For once we were up early enough to see evidence that it was literally freezing.






The cruise was fun and the food was nice. I may have gone a little overboard on the croissants though. Definitely went feeding frenzy on that buffet which is probably why I felt so crappy/sleepy this afternoon. We got to see a different perspective of Rotorua from the water which was steaming adding an even more mystical feel to the whole trip.



After over indulging on the buffet we headed straight to Waimangu volcanic valley, a valley out in the country which involved doing a self guided 5 km walk looking at all sorts of cool geothermal features. I am a little bit of a science nerd so I got all up in those information boards.


We took the walk at a pretty leisurely pace but it wasn’t all flat concreted paths. In fact despite being 7 degrees I ended up stripping off a couple of layers, I blame the stairs!


But it was definitely worth it for the views! Below is a photo of the dormant Mt Tarawera and lake Rotomahana. It was crazy how quiet it was out there. It was a weekday in the middle of the day. We ran into 1 other group of people in the 3.5 hours we were walking. It was actually really cool to feel that isolated and close to nature!


We even saw wild piglets eating wild blackberries! This was extremely exciting although I was nervous that mum and dad piggy were near by and waiting to pounce on us for getting to close to their babies.


And at the end of it all we got rewarded with a beautiful lake and a kick ass view where we quietly watched all the different kinds of birds on the lake. Thankfully there was a bus that took us the 5 kms back to the visitors center because we were pretty shattered.



Which leads me into what I ate today. I feel very bad for pigging out on the buffet this morning and I missed both my snacks 😦 mainly because I had a 5 hour nap. It is phase 2 today which means high protein. So yea breakfast kind of didn’t comply with that but as I have said before, I am on holiday so these cheat meals are guilt free. If you can’t indulge every once in a while then what is the point of life!

Breakfast: I totally lost count but here’s a picture of the 1st plate…



Lunch: Lamb steak, cabbage, spinach, broccoli and hot lemon juice

Dinner: Chicken strips, cabbage, spinach, broccoli

A little boring but required for recovery after that buffet. Unfortunately I have another lunch buffet booked in for tomorrow so it will be two days in a row. And I have no where near as much physical activity planned for tomorrow so I will probably have to do a HIIT session or something.

Anyway Until tomorrow,

The Body Conscious Blogger


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