Holi-Day 6

Well I screwed up today. Dammit I’m human. So I started the day out right with a proper breakfast and it went down hill from there. Like I said yesterday it was overly expensive lunch buffet today. Planned cheat meal number 3… So I definitely went all feeding frenzy again :(. Especially on the dessert buffet but that was all good I had planned on doing that. Unfortunately the rest of the plan which was continue the day eating planned protein snacks at 3 hour intervals didn’t come to fruition. They have a massive jelly bean shop and I for some stupid reason brought a who bunch. Like I didn’t already feel sick, I have know idea when I intend to eat them as I am about to do another 28 days on FMD.



Anyhow, I didn’t do any exercise unless you count walking around the luge place and mini golfing, which I don’t. So today was a complete failure. I had a decent dinner to help to redeem myself but metabolism repair will be in full effect tomorrow. Today is kind of the last day of the holiday as we have to check out at 10 am tomorrow which is kind of sad. But its got me thinking about what I want to do with this blog.

I definitely want to set goals every month a share with you my progress. Hopeful inspire and meet new people (through the internet) and hopeful share ideas and success stories. I don’t really think that anyone much reads this so I really don’t know what to expect.

Anyway what I ate today (total phase 2 fail):

Breakfast: Ham, onion, spinach and egg white omelet

Lunch: Buffet and Jelly beans… 😦

Dinner: Beef patties and salad


OK well I’m done feeling bad. Time to reset my thinking a start a new day tomorrow.

Unit next time,

The Body Conscious Blogger.


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