June Goals + FMD Cycle 1 Results

OK so 2nd day of June so I figured that it was goal setting time as I have just had a week off the gym and semi off the diet after being on holiday so all signs are pointing towards a new plan.

Goal 1: Complete another 28 day cycle of the Fast Metabolism Diet (FMD)

As I mentioned previously I want to do a second cycle on the Fast Metabolism Diet after completing my 1st lot of 28 days with promising results. So that is kicking off today although since I’ve been back I have been conforming, maybe just a little loose on the measurements of somethings, especially the meat. I will do a cycle 1 summary post hopefully this week if anyone is interested in trying this out. To keep myself honest I will do weekly posts of my progress with photos and measurements starting today!

Goal 2: Exercise Frequency

In cycle 1 I followed the recommended exercise dosage which was cardio in phase 1, weights in phase 2 and relaxing stuff like yoga in phase 3 (I did walking). So that worked out to average of 3-4 workouts a week. Prior to starting the FMD I was doing 7 sessions a week varying in intensity and duration made up of 4 gym sessions and 3 shorter 30-40 minute activities outside of the gym like home HIIT training or squash. I want to go back to a similar level as I feel like my fitness has suffered but my body definitely doesn’t look like it missed the gym with weight loss continuing and muscle tone getting better. The FMD discourages over exercising as it can sometimes be counter productive in terms of controlling stress hormones etc. So I’m thinking 5 sessions will do it. Cardio Monday and Tuesday after work, weights on Wednesday Morning and Thursday after work and a session on the weekend, probably Saturday, of HIIT training mixed with some weights. This loosely follows the FMD rules with a little extra incorporated in there. It will be interesting to see if this negatively effects the results that I get from FMD.

Goal 3: Get into Yoga

I have expressed interest in Yoga in previous posts. I think Youtube tutorials are as involved as I want to get as my schedule is pretty packed as it is. Maybe start out with doing a 30 minute session once a week? I’ll keep you posted on this one.

So without further delay here is my post 28 day results. Note that the photos and weight were taken today (June 2nd) as I was on holiday when I hit the 28 day mark and didn’t have scales with me and forgot to do the photos but the measurements were bang on 28 days. I started on Monday April 28th 2014.

Cycle 1 Stats

FMD Cycle 1 Results - Front




FMD Cycle 1 Results - Side

FMD Cycle 1 Results - Back


Now this last one I’m a little proud of. Despite the fact I hardly did any upper body weights (3 sessions in 5 weeks) I have really notice the definition so I thought I would show it off!

Upper Body Post Cycle 1

I am a huge advocate of this diet and would love to hear from anyone who is interested!

Until next time,

The Body Concious Blogger




    1. Yes, I only lost 3 kg but to be honest I wasn’t overweight to begin with just a little heavy, losing 10kg in 4 weeks for someone of my height and start weight would not have been healthy and I was definitely not expecting 10. The main thing was the way I felt on the diet was amazing and to have consistent weight loss eventually becoming the lightest I have ever weighed in my life after 3 months was good enough for me. Keep it up, it’s not for everyone but if you can finish out 1 cycle and observe the changes in not just your weight but the way your body looks and feels I think it’s worth carrying on. I know I never dreamed that I could do more than 10 days but I ended up loving it. The 1st week is the hardest getting all the sugar and caffeine and diary cravings out of your system. I hope you have as much success as I did! 🙂

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