Lifting Diaries Entry #2

This week was another good week, I managed to get in all my exercise plus an extra session on Saturday. As per usual Wednesday was legs and Thursday was arms and abs. I think next week I might swap them round as my legs are tired on Wednesdays after cardio on both Monday and Tuesday. Here’s how I went this week:

Legs Day:

Muscles felt tired from running the day before so not the best session but put my head down and got it done. Squats we feeling stiff again but was able to push out 10 reps on 60 for nearly 3 sets.

Legs Day 25.6.14

Arms and Abs day:

Felt good on this session. I usually have my headphones on but I forgot them for this session and got complemented by a couple of people on how strong I was which is nice 🙂 Still didn’t manage to get all the exercises in and stopped at 1 hr 15

Arms and Abs Day 26.6.14


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