A quick update: Coming Soon to BCB

So I thought I would post a quick update, I have been very absent from my blog which is not very accountable of me. After reaching my goal weight in July I started studying again part time and working full time which was very stressful. I unfortunately feel back into my old habit of comforting myself with chocolate… Lots and lots of it and jumped all the way back up to my starting weight :(. I put on what I lost in 3 months in 6 weeks. I have managed to reign myself in over the last couple of weeks and am sliding back down the scale, once again abiding by the fast metabolism rules. I have found a few more yummy recipes which I will be posting soon including:

Phase 3 Gluten free bread


Phase 3 Bacon and Egg Breakfast


Phase 2 Chocolate bites

Anytime hot chocolate

Phase 2 Smoked Salmon Snack

And more! Watch this space. I finish my exams in 4 weeks then I promise I will be back on here.

In the mean time keep living healthy!


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