Fast Metabolism Diet

Phase 3: Gluten Free, Sugar Free Seedy Bread!

Today I want to share with you the highlight of my eating week, and it’s good timing too since it’s phase 3 for all of us following the fast metabolism diet. Since starting FMD I haven’t really missed having bread. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of freshly baked white bread with melted butter, but it’s not really something that I crave. In New Zealand there isn’t a great variety of organic gluten free bread and of the small range there is, the price is high and it’s pretty much not worth it because it is not strictly FMD compliant anyway (plus the loaves are rock solid).

During Celiac awareness week a couple of months ago the New Zealand Herald (newspaper) published a pull out magazine with a bunch of gluten free recipes which my mum spied and promptly started experimenting with. One of our now favourite weekly recipes is “seedy bread”. So here is the original recipe for those of you who aren’t following FMD.


A few people I know have made this version with success. It seems to be a fool proof recipe. Only 1 person had an issue both times she made it, it came out sticky in the middle but it wasn’t under cooked. In the end we blamed her oven.
If you are on fast metabolism diet then here is the compliant sugar free recipe for this delicious phase 3 bread:

1 cup of sunflower seeds
½ cup of linseeds
2 Tbs black chia seeds
½ cup of slivered almonds (we use pumpkin seeds instead)
1 ¾ cup quinoa flakes
1/3 cup of psyllium husk
½ tsp salt flakes
1 ½ cups of water
¼ cup melted coconut oil
2 Tbs Birch xylitol (granulated form)
Note: Currently the organics shops we go to have been having supply issues with quinoa flakes so we came up with a variation that ended up being even better! Replace quinoa flakes with 1 cup of rice flakes and ¾ cup of uncooked whole quinoa (whatever colour it doesn’t matter)and up the water to 2 cups as the rice flakes are more absorbent.
1. Mix all dry ingredients together ensuring that they really are mixed well
2. Add water
3. Mix toughly
4. Press into a loaf tin lined with baking paper

5. Leave in the fridge overnight
6. Pop it in the oven on 150 degree Celsius for 30 -50 minutes (or until cooked)
7. Let the loaf stand until cool before cutting.

2014-11-14 09.42.52
We cut our loaf into about 14 pieces and freeze them in snap lock backs (2 pieces per bag). I love having this with chicken bacon and eggs for phase 3 breakfasts.

Phase 3 Breakfast

Or even 1 piece as a snack with some almond butter, mmm. This bread is at its best when toasted. I find I have to put it down twice as it takes a while to toast up and then it comes out sizzling and crakling!

Bread States
I hope you love this recipe as much as we do, not a single person I have offered it to didn’t like it!


Christmas Body Blitz: Week 1 Check In

I think it was over all good first week back into the swing of things (not excellent just good). My last exam was on Wednesday which threw my gym plan of a little as I wasn’t able to work out on Tuesday or Wednesday because I was busy cramming for my evening exam. I ended up doing 3 days of phase 1 as I didn’t want to hinder my brain function for the exam by depriving myself of carbs. Thursday Friday ended up being phase 2 so unfortunately I sacrificed one of my precious phase 3 days :(, not impressed.

So here’s how I worked out:
Monday: 30 minutes of treadmill interval training, check!
Thursday: Legs Day, Check!
Friday: Arms Day, Check!

I tried to go to the gym on the weekend but it didn’t end up happening which was a little disappointing but this week there will be no excuses. 3 out of 5 in week 1 is not the start I wanted, but week 2 WILL be better. I will be doing the third weights session today (Monday) to make up for it, I really want to make sure I get my squat reps day. 3 cheers for twice a day Monday’s… My body is going to be in hell by Wednesday.

Here are my results for week one:
Weight 68.4 kg, that’s 0.4 kg’s down from Monday last week. Not bad for week one considering I only got to the gym 3 times and had an extra day of phase 1.

I did photos this week. I got a new bikini which is mega push up seeing as my boobs are rapidly disappearing once again.



I didn’t do measurements on Monday last week so this week will be the bench mark for this challenge, although as punishment/motivation I am comparing them to my last weigh in when I hit my goal weight back in July:
Weight: 68.4kg (-0.4 this week, +3.6 from July)
Right Leg: 62cm (+4 from July)
Left Leg: 61.5cm (+4.5cm form July)
Hips: 91cm (+4 from July)
Waist: 73.5cm (+6cm from July)
Right Arm: 28.5cm (+1.5cm from July)
Left Arm: 29cm (+2cm from July)

Note to self: no more sugar bingeing! It wasn’t really worth it was it.

Christmas Body Blitz 2014: Day 0

As promised I am back! My exams are all done and its time to face the music. I have been bad L. I have been stress eating and sugar bingeing. I have been maintaining the diet but then I would eat chocolate for a week then get back on again then fall off. It’s all got to stop now. I hit my goal weight back in July right before I started the semester and I have been stress eating ever since. So on Monday this week (3/11/14) I am resetting the bar and setting new goals. I will be accountable!

I started out the week weighing in at 68.8kg. That’s 4kgs heavier than July (it was actually more at one point but I pulled my head in). Whilst studying I didn’t have a lot of time for the gym, mainly because I got so far behind. I really missed it, so I am thrilled this week to be back into the swing of things. I thought becasue it is 7 weeks away from christmas that I would set myself a little challenge…

My Goal:

Back down to 65kg by Christmas! (Is that crazy? 4kg in 6 weeks)

How am I going to achieve this? Perfect eating i.e. abiding by the FMD rules. I did it before and all it takes is getting past those torturous first two weeks and then the sugar craving and crazy brain goes away and you’re sweet. Also hitting the gym like crazy, not because I have to, but because I enjoy it!

The plan:

My goal is to workout minimum 5 times a week. I like working out so this is not going to be a problem for me, especially now that I am not studying. I’m targeting 2 cardio sessions and 3 weights sessions a week. My plan looks something like this:

Monday: Cardio

5:30AM 30 minute interval training on the treadmill

1:30 intervals walk run progressing from fast jog/slow run (11 km/hr) to pretty much sprint (up to 15 km/hr)

Tuesday: Cardio

5:30AM Swimming for 45 minutes OR some kind of body weight based HIIT training

Wednesday: Weights – Leg Day (My favourite)

6:00 PM – 90 minutes of Legs! Wednesday line up looks like this:


Performed as a solo exercise I aim to attack twice a week, Wednesday will be focused on heavy weight while Saturday will be focused on reps (weights are broken down in the table below).

Leg extension machine & Hamstring Curl Machine Super Set

Both these exercises will be single leg (10 reps each) then bumping the weight up and doing 10 reps on both legs. Repeat 3-5 times.

Pull trough’s and Cable Kick Backs Super set

Both exercises 10 reps (10 each leg for kickbacks) increasing the weight stack week by week. Repeat 3-5 times.

Calf Raises and Good Morning’s Super Set

Standing Calf raise machine, 10 reps. Good Mornings (barbell on Back) 10 reps. Repeat 3-5 times.

Hip thrust and Travelling Lunges Super Set

Hip thrust with a barbell. 10 reps focusing on squeezing the glutes and holding 2 seconds at the top. Travelling lunges with a barbell on shoulders, I think the return length of the gym works out at 12 reps per leg. Repeat 3-5 times.

The 3 to 5 sets will be based on time and I am aiming to start out a 3 sets for some of the exercises and building up to 5.

Squat Goals:

If you haven’t figured it out I love squats. I like to dabble in heavy weights from time to time (it’s nice to have goals) and I am aiming to get my reps nice and heavy and hopefully be pushing a 3 rep on 80 kg on my heavy days by Christmas. This is a pretty achievable goal actually so I am half expecting to dominate that but hey. Here is my road map to squat success. FYI I learned in my short lived power lifting career the best way to accelerate your max 1 rep is to increase the weight of your 10 rep. The number under the week is the number of reps that week not including pump and pause sets.


Oh yea I forgot to explain that! Some other fun tools for murdering your legs with squats are pump and pause sets at the end of the squat workout. Pause sets are basically when you got to the bottom of the squat (below parallel people) and just as you start to come up pause and hold that for 5 seconds. Then from that stationary position continue in the upward movement. If you can’t see your forehead veins then you’re not doing it right! Pump sets are nasty, they give you that horrible burning pump as if you didn’t already have it. This is a 3-parter. Part 1: 5 reps, go to the bottom of the movement and as you start to come back pause go back down and repeat 5 times. I guess these are like micro reps and you should really feel it in your glutes. Part 2, 5 reps, start the decent but just as you start to gain momentum (1/3 of the way down) stop and go back up, repeat. Part 3: do 5 reps in the full squat, you should be struggling at rep 3. If not bump that weight up man!

Thursday: Weights – Upper Body

6:00 PM – Feel that phase 2 fat burn, 90 minutes of upper body work which is not my favourite but still important! Thursday line up looks like this:

Bench Press and Bent over Rows Super Set

Bench is looking to go heavy. Warm up 2 sets 10 reps, the build up to max weight: 2 – 3 sets 6 to 8 reps, max weight: 2 – 3 Sets 3 to 5 reps

Rows = 10 reps, 5 sets

1 arm cable triceps pull downs and Cable T-Bar rows Super Set

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

Seated dumbbell shoulder press and Flat Bench Flies Super Set

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

Front Squat and Barbell Bicep Curls Super Set

Wait what? It’s not legs day! Hahaha, I love squats and front squat kind of gives you an arm work out too… The squats either use a kettle bell (max is 20kg) then I will have to switch to barbells.

10 reps, 3 – 5 sets.

Close Grip Lat Pull-down and Cable Row Machine Super Set

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

Horizontal Back Extensions and Push Up’s (knees) Super Set

3 Sets 10 reps. Back extensions will start out no weight and increase. Push ups are up to 30 just maxing out what ever my arms have left. I can usually get between 7 and 10 on the last set.

Saturday Bonus Weights – Full Body!

Squats and Static Barbell Lunge Super Set

Its reps day for squats! Are you ready to sweat? Not only that but they’re super setted! Feel the burn.

Squats as per above table, Static lunge will just pick a weigh and stay the same for 3-5 sets.

Dumbbell incline bench press and Lat pull-down Super Set

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

45 Degree leg press and Dumbbell lateral raises (standing) Super Set

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

Rack Pulls and Kneeling Squats

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

Hip Thrusts and Push Ups Super Set

Both exercises, 10 reps 3 – 5 sets

Phew! Well there it is, on the internet now I better make it happen. I will do a post on Monday for my week 1 weigh in and progress photos. See you then!

A quick update: Coming Soon to BCB

So I thought I would post a quick update, I have been very absent from my blog which is not very accountable of me. After reaching my goal weight in July I started studying again part time and working full time which was very stressful. I unfortunately feel back into my old habit of comforting myself with chocolate… Lots and lots of it and jumped all the way back up to my starting weight :(. I put on what I lost in 3 months in 6 weeks. I have managed to reign myself in over the last couple of weeks and am sliding back down the scale, once again abiding by the fast metabolism rules. I have found a few more yummy recipes which I will be posting soon including:

Phase 3 Gluten free bread


Phase 3 Bacon and Egg Breakfast


Phase 2 Chocolate bites

Anytime hot chocolate

Phase 2 Smoked Salmon Snack

And more! Watch this space. I finish my exams in 4 weeks then I promise I will be back on here.

In the mean time keep living healthy!

June 23rd 2014 – Cycle 2 Week 3 Check In

Ahhh so its been a bumpy week. It started out with night shift which was not ideal as night work always throws me off. I always get sick when I work nights even if it is just 1 night in the middle of summer. So I am happy to report that I didn’t get sick this time around. Despite my eating and weigh time being off I managed to do my weigh in on Monday and was surprisingly light. However my body has been acting weird. I wasn’t able to drink the amount of water I usually drink as on that night shift I am down on site full time which means the only toilet available is a portable toilet which I refuse to uses as the boys don’t exactly try to aim when they go (yuck). So I was probably dehydrated and tired and have been paying for it ever since. I weighed again on Wednesday morning heavy at 66.8 a whole kilo up from Monday (WHAT!). I didn’t get upset because those are the rules when you do multiple weigh ins but it motivated me to be very focused on drinking water and vegging out (eating large amounts of vegetables) on phase 2 days to help guarantee the number going down by next Monday.


On Sunday and Monday nights we had spelt wraps for dinner (breakfast for me being on the night shift). These were nowhere near as filling as a cup of rice and they contain gluten which I didn’t think about at 1st but then mum and I both had unsettled tummies the next day. Am I now gluten intolerant? Oh well who cares if I am, more motivation to stay on this healthy track if that is the case.

Another thing that I started to notice last week was that I am getting ravenously hungry on phase 1. I have been taking extra vegetables and lemon drinks and always eat as soon as I feel hungry but it is very annoying. I have decided I need to add a third snack of fruit like it says to in the book because I am up for extended hours and with exercising early in the morning he snack is easily added before breakfast, pre workout. Remember you should never feel hungry because then there is a risk your body is going to be cannibalising muscle for energy if you ignore it for too long.


Even though my body has been a bit out of whack but I was determined to keep my fitness routine up. I feel like last week was so perfect and I wanted to keep up that standard. So I got up on Monday day (I wasn’t at work as I had worked the night before) and dragged my butt to the gym despite feeling very tired. My mum suggested that I have the day off as my body would have taken a hit form the disrupted sleeping pattern but I was determined. I did a lot of stretching and 30 minutes interval training (run, inclined power walking)on the treadmill, capped off by some mat based body weight ab exercises. I felt really good afterwards which was nice and I didn’t get sick so that was a plus. On Tuesday I managed to get a 30 minute game of squash in with my partner. Two ticks for cardio once again.

Wednesday rolled around and I was excited, Wednesday is legs day and I love legs day! Unfortunately it didn’t go very well. I think not getting enough sleep in the days leading up to it didn’t help. I felt stiff and un-energised. So much for my favourite day of the week. Arms day was average as well but I was having trouble recovering so all my weights were off and I missed 3 exercises off the routine because I got to 1hr 15 mins and decided that it was enough my arms were just failing. I have decided to start a separate lifting diary for anyone who is interested in what I actually do. Check it out here.

Exercise goal: Mum does this yoga class and they are having a weekend retreat in the Coromandal in August. She invited me to come and I said yes… Now it’s kind of hippy weirdo and it seems that that is the direction I am heading in as I have given up dairy and sugar and gluten, eating organic why not chuck yoga retreat in there two. What has happened to me? So the date is set for August 15th to 17th which is good motivation to get my ass into gear with stretching and Youtube yoga weekly.

Blog Goals

I started writing lifting diaries so I get a tick for last week (actually last 3 weeks) goal. Next up I want to start filling in the healthy eating menu tab with some of the recipes that I cook up! I think I will start with the desserts!

Progress this Week

Weight: 66.3 kg (Previously 65.8 = +0.5 kg) Waaaaah I jinxed it last week. My 1st gain in 2 months, also since starting FMD 😦

Left Arm: 27 cm (Previously 27 = same)

Right Arm: 27 cm (Previously 27 = same)

Left Leg: 57.5 cm (Previously 58 = -0.5 cm)

Right Leg: 58 cm (Previously 58.5 = -0.5 cm)

Hips: 86 cm (Previously 88.0 = -2 cm)

Waist: 66 cm (Previously 68.5 = 2.5 cm)

A strange trend I have noticed is when I am losing weight my measurements don’t budge but when I am maintaining or having a really small loss I am droping centimeters in my waist and hips. Weird. Anyway I will focus on getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep this week as I am sure that has had a major part to play in this weeks results.

Have a great week!

Surviving Phase 1 on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I am writing this series to share my experiences on this diet and sharing my tips and tricks to make it a little easier to get through the common difficulties of each phase. Phase 1 is my favourite phase as I am a fruit lover and this phase accommodates most fruits. Plus you get to feel full from having all those grains. If you like this post you can check out my tips on how to survive phase 2 here.

That meal breakdown for phase 1 is:


1 Grain Serving, 1 Fruit Serving
Snack 1 1 Fruit Serving
Lunch 1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving, 1 Grain Serving, 1 Fruit Serving
Snack 2 1 Fruit Serving

1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving, 1 Grain Serving

I usually don’t get hungry in this phase but if you find that you do I would suggest adding more vegetables. I take extra tomatoes as snacks as well as salad or boiled vegetables seasoned with spices. I found the large grain servings were an adjustment in the 1st couple of weeks, having 1 cup of rice for lunch and dinner was a little over whelming. I would suggest you need to find a couple of different grains to have for lunch and dinner so you don’t get sick of anything. I have oats, rice and pasta each day otherwise by Tuesday night I have eaten 4 cups of rice which is just a little bit sickening. I suppose it’s OK if you love rice though! This phase is easy to pre-prepare, especially snacks as they are just a piece of fruit.

Typical Phase 2 Food and Meal Prep Diary:

Note I am on the smallest portion size as I only have a little bit more weight to lose so ingredient quantities may vary for you. If you need to lose more you get to eat more!

Breakfast: I always make my breakfast the night before in phase 1 and 3. I make fridge porridge which soaks overnight and is always delicious. I get ½ cup of old fashioned oats and combine in a plastic container with ½ cup of defrosted frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries and strawberries) and ½ a cup of apple and some rice milk/water for consistency. I defrost the berries as I like them to mush into the porridge and I find that they stay frozen in the fridge overnight if they aren’t thawed a little 1st. The apple I make myself as I find that canned apple or baby food apple that you can buy from the store is firstly expensive and secondly has refined sugar added to it. You can skin and chop up the apple to boil it and then puree it. Alternatively, one day I got lazy and just grated a green apple, skin on, into the porridge and it was equally as good. If you are using rice milk then you are supposed to treat it as part of your grain serving so just be careful of that i.e. rice milk and oats combine = ½ cup for me. I then leave this in the fridge overnight and grab it and go in the morning. I eat it when I get to work at about 7:15am.

Phase 1 Breakfast

Snack 1 &2: Snacks are so easy on this phase. Just pick fruit that you like and there you go, no prep required in most cases. I usually opt for apples, pears and oranges. Sometimes at the markets they have cheap pineapple and mango’s so I get those and make a mini fruit salad that you can have for both snacks. I like to challenge myself to not eat the same fruit twice in one day which keeps things interesting although not everyone has this luxury as fruit is seasonal depending on where you live.

Phase 1 Snacks

Lunch: I keep lunch simple. It’s winter where I live so I have boiled veggies (cabbage, broccoli, beans, carrots, garlic and spinach) with some kind of roast or fried meat. If I am frying I use a nonstick pan with herbs and spices in water or leftover broth (no oil in this phase) and the opposite grain that I plan to have for dinner. Either brown rice quinoa mix or rice vegetable pasta spirals. My most common mistake is I forget the fruit with lunch. I feel so full by the time the main meal is done I forget about it and remember an hour later that I didn’t have it which is annoying so remember your fruit!

Phase 1 Lunch or Dinner

Dinner: Dinner is similar to lunch. Some kind of meat and try and alternate boiled vegetables or salad with whatever you had at lunch. Same with the grain I have pasta for 1 and rice for the other.

An experiment for interest only – No counting remember!

As a little experiment I plugged the above typical phase 1 food diary into as I did in the phase 2 post. Can I just reinforce that Haylie says no counting and I don’t do this on a regular basis, trust me, the feeling of freedom I get from not having to calculate everything I put in my mouth is overwhelming, I’m never going back! But out of interest as someone who was a calibrated kcal counter I wanted to see how it compared. Here are the results:

Phase 1

Approximately 1600 calories which is pretty decent. Note the macro percentages: Carbs: 66.5%, Fat: 10.9%, Protein: 22.6%. I definitely don’t feel hungry on this phase despite the amount of carbs. I guess that the fruits are pretty low GI.


Exercise for phase 1 is of course cardio. I always try and do at least a 30 minute session on both of the days and I like to mix it up. It’s not all about slogging on the bike, treadmill or cross trainer at the gym. If you hate boring yourself on the cardio equipment maybe you could consider a more social team sport or activity you can do with a friend. I play squash with my partner every Tuesday which is fantastic cardio, constantly sprinting and changing direction. Or if none of that kind of thing is available to you could do something like swimming or water walking as both these exercises are low impact and a bit different from the usual brick wall that you stare at while you’re on the bike. If you really must use the cardio equipment there are also ways to spice up your cardio routine in the gym. Doing interval training is an option, I like to do run walk combos for example 1 minute walk on an incline of 5% followed by 1 minute running on the flat, repeat 10 times. Then week to week you can keep improving the speed you run or the incline you walk and eventually pump up the intensity even more by playing with the times i.e. 30 second walk 1:30 run. This gives you something to focus on and a goal to strive for each week. Also the varying speed keeps you body guessing and gives a way more satisfying burn! This method is easily transferable to the elliptical, rowing machine or bike. Finally, in more recent months I started HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This seriously gets the heat pumping and can be as complex or as simple as you want it. Generally you can’t do this for more than 20 minutes if done properly it really is fun and you will be sweating bullets! I use this when I can’t get to the gym (or can’t be bothered) as you can do it at home with no equipment.

I think that is another good point, you should be sweating. Your heart rate should be elevated, your armpits should be sweaty and your face should be pink. That doesn’t mean that you have to do sprints or anything too crazy because everyone’s fitness levels are different. The main thing is that you feel mildly uncomfortable, no more leisurely walks in the park because that is not going to rev up your metabolism!

My closing statements:

This phase is my favorite for eating but my least favorite for exercising. I think that it is important to find fruits that you like and convince yourself that they are treats. I definitely believe that the psychological aspect of this diet is very important. You need to believe hole heartedly in what you are doing and enjoy the things you are eating. There are plenty of yummy dishes that can be made in this phase because you have all the elements: curries or stews with rice, pasta dishes with tomato sauce, soups full of lentils and deliciously fruity porridge for brecky. I always like to hit the beetroot, carrots and tomatoes hard on these days because I miss them on phase 2.

It is also important that you do at least 1 day of cardio training, even if it just a 20 minute HIIT session, to really get your heart pumping and metabolism all fired up. I do notice the effects especially when I work out in the morning. I am a lot hungrier than usual and have to up the vegetable and water intake so I don’t go looking for other things to eat! If you do workout in the morning make sure you eat beforehand. I swap my snack and breakfast around and just take the extra veggies to fill in any gaps throughout the day.

Good luck on phase 1 and enjoy your food because up next is phase 2 and you want to go into it feeling satisfied!

Signed up for a diet fad, got a lifestyle change…

So I am totally against fad diets because they are not sustainable and what is the point is looking good for a few weeks after putting in all that effort if you are just going to throw it all away and end up back where you started?

So my mum is looking to lose weight for health reasons. She is not obese or anything just over weight. She has a lot of joint issues and Achilles problems from injuries earlier in life and now in her mid 50’s she has symptoms of a women in her late 60’s… So she approached me with a passing thought and showed me this diet. Initially when I read it I was like holey smokes this fits into the extreme dieting category chopping out caffeine, sugar, dairy and wheat. Like mother like daughter we are both choc-a-sugur-holics. I could never give up sugar, at least that’s what I thought.

I spent the weekend reading up on this “fad diet” which seems to have gone viral in 2013. The diet is called “The Fast Metabolism Diet” and has been formulated by Dr Haylie Pomroy based on years of experience working with rich and famous clients. Sounds very faddy. And very extreme. But it must of caught me at a weak moment when I was feeling fat and emotional (the week before “that” time of the month as it turned out) because I suddenly (as I always do) got super enthusiastic OCD planner organizer about it and made up tables and spreadsheets and all sorts which I presented to mum and just like that we were doing this. I only read the cookbook (don’t ask me why) and online blog/ reviews to gather the general gist of the diet prior to starting. My mum actually got the book out from the library in the 1st week and read it which I definitely recommend you do if you want to try it out. Being a science geek myself it is right up my ally with human biology processes and solid points and explanations for what you are doing and why you are doing it.

So off to work I went on my 1st day (Monday), naturally being really into it I immediately became a organic chef extraordinaire. The night before I was making kale smoothies and buckwheat pancakes for my 1st day, and needless to say I fell flat on my face. Blaaaahck that stuff was horrible and I finished my 1st day with a very sensitive gag reflex and a very hungry tummy. Mum kind leaned towards the I told you so, she had pre-warned me to to go too over board with the new menu. So I calmed down a little and ate normal food and it actually wasn’t that hard.

By the end of the 1st week I had lost 2 kg which was exciting, but not all that uncommon for the 1st week of a diet as I tend to bounce pretty easily between 70 and 67 kg. At the end of the second week I only lost 400 grams 😦 but my measurements had reduced significantly, about halfway through the week I could notice it. Third week (I have just completed) and again hardly any loss 300 grams but crazy reduction in measurements, especially hips and waist where most of my stubborn fat lives. I am embarking on my fourth and final week over lapping 3 days with a holiday in Rotorua. I have noticed my muscle definition popping, my clothes are slightly looser and I feel over all great. It’s got me thinking. Do I really want to go back to sugar and all that other bad stuff?

The answer, surprisingly is no. I was the biggest sugar fiend I know. And yet since I started this diet I haven’t craved or even been attracted to anything like that. Trust me, working in construction it has all been shoved in my face. When the boys know I’m on a diet they like to test my very very weak will power. But now I am actually dreading having to go out for dinner because I don’t want to eat bad. In the past it has always been a fear of control. I will go out for a dinner buffet and go into feeding frenzy. But at the moment I just don’t want to waste money on a meal that I am not going to enjoy.

I really want to continue this way of life. It really isn’t that difficult to cut out all those things. And yes from time to time I will have a chocolate bar or a piece of cake. But if I continue to lose weight (slowly but surely) then why the heck not right?

If you are thinking about trying this I would definitely recommend the book. Also there is a lot of cooking involved so make time for that. I am a busy woman (work average 10 hrs, gym 1.5 hrs after work) and I still managed to do it. You just have to be organised and committed to changing your body for the better. This diet also has a million health benefits but I wont talk about them now. My recommendation is this diet rocks and everyone should try it!