Lifting Diaries

Lifting Diaries #3

I finally did a video of me squatting! It’s a pitty its not from the side but oh well. This week has been pretty hard out I ended up clocking up 7 workouts whaat! I did 3 lifting days, 3 cardio and a body weight resistace circuit. Heres the stats:

Wednesday Legs Day (Heavy Squat):

Legs 1     Legs 3


Thursday: Arms n Abs Day

Arms 1   Arms 2 Arms 3    Arms 4

Bonus Day (Reps Squats):

Capture     C2


Lifting Diaries Entry #2

This week was another good week, I managed to get in all my exercise plus an extra session on Saturday. As per usual Wednesday was legs and Thursday was arms and abs. I think next week I might swap them round as my legs are tired on Wednesdays after cardio on both Monday and Tuesday. Here’s how I went this week:

Legs Day:

Muscles felt tired from running the day before so not the best session but put my head down and got it done. Squats we feeling stiff again but was able to push out 10 reps on 60 for nearly 3 sets.

Legs Day 25.6.14

Arms and Abs day:

Felt good on this session. I usually have my headphones on but I forgot them for this session and got complemented by a couple of people on how strong I was which is nice 🙂 Still didn’t manage to get all the exercises in and stopped at 1 hr 15

Arms and Abs Day 26.6.14

Lifting Diaries Entry #1

Hello and welcome to my first addition of lifting diaries! (Cheesy much?). I thought I would do these posts to supplement my weekly check in’s if anyone was interested in my lifting abilities. So as it stands now I only do 2 lifting days a week on Wednesday and Thursday as I am adhering to the FMD rules. Wednesday’s are lower body lifts and Thursdays are upper body, back and abdominal lifts. I used to lift 4 to 5 times a week and I hope to get back to that when I reach my goal weight.

I make up my own workouts as I have had a few year’s experience with personal trainers and power lifting training. I first started lifting when I was 13 and I’m now 22! If I ever need inspiration I hit up Youtube or For heavy lifting training I generally do a couple of 6-10 week cycles starting with high rep low weight (10 to 12 reps = high, weight is light but still pushing the limit on the 10th rep). By the time I reach the end of the 1st cycle I am down to 6 reps on a moderate to heavy weight. Then back up to 8 reps with more of a medium range weight for the start of the second cycle. By the end of the second cycle I am on 1-3 rep max weight. Although this is hard to progress only doing 1 upper and 1 lower workout a week so I am kind of maintaining my lifting at the moment not really training to increase my bests until I have finished my weight loss.

Legs Day (aka my favourite day of the week)

As I mentioned in my check in I wasn’t feeling too great this week which was totally depressing. Lack of sleep really effects my lifting. I use an android app called Jucy for recording my lifting. If you want to see a breakdown of the exercise technique just click the exercise name as I have linked them to the demos on Here are the stats:


Barbell Back Squat – Moderate Weight High Reps

Super Set

Stiff Leg Deadlift – Light Weight High Reps

Barbell Split Squat – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Hamstring Curl Machine (Single Leg) – Light Weight High Reps

Standing Calf Raise Machine – Light Weight High Reps


Barbell Back to forward lunge – Light Weight High Reps

Total Workout Time: 45 minutes (not including warm up or stretching)

WO - 18.6.14

Arms n’ Abs Day:

Second week of this new combo of exercises and I was a bit all over the place. My recovery time was high and when I hit 1hr 15 mins I stopped because my arms were just failing. I didn’t manage to do oblique drops or hanging back extensions and I usually aim to do 5 sets but that wasn’t happening either. My super sets were all messed up because of equipment availability and my weights were all messed up because of how quickly my muscles were fatiguing. I did the workout so points for that. Better luck next week when I‘ve had more sleep…

Super Set

Barbell Flat Bench – Light Weight High Reps

Pallof Press – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Overhead Tricep Rope Pulls – Light Weight High Reps

Rope Crunch – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Bent arm dumbbell pullover – Light Weight High Reps

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Barbell bent over row– Light Weight High Reps

Oblique Drops – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Wide Grip Lat Pull-down– Light Weight High Reps

Standing Cable Lift– Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Upright Cable Rows– Light Weight High Reps

Cable wood choppers – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Hanging Back Extension – Light Weight High Reps

Barbell Curls – Light Weight High Reps

WO - 19.6.14