Phase 1

Surviving Phase 1 on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I am writing this series to share my experiences on this diet and sharing my tips and tricks to make it a little easier to get through the common difficulties of each phase. Phase 1 is my favourite phase as I am a fruit lover and this phase accommodates most fruits. Plus you get to feel full from having all those grains. If you like this post you can check out my tips on how to survive phase 2 here.

That meal breakdown for phase 1 is:


1 Grain Serving, 1 Fruit Serving
Snack 1 1 Fruit Serving
Lunch 1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving, 1 Grain Serving, 1 Fruit Serving
Snack 2 1 Fruit Serving

1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving, 1 Grain Serving

I usually don’t get hungry in this phase but if you find that you do I would suggest adding more vegetables. I take extra tomatoes as snacks as well as salad or boiled vegetables seasoned with spices. I found the large grain servings were an adjustment in the 1st couple of weeks, having 1 cup of rice for lunch and dinner was a little over whelming. I would suggest you need to find a couple of different grains to have for lunch and dinner so you don’t get sick of anything. I have oats, rice and pasta each day otherwise by Tuesday night I have eaten 4 cups of rice which is just a little bit sickening. I suppose it’s OK if you love rice though! This phase is easy to pre-prepare, especially snacks as they are just a piece of fruit.

Typical Phase 2 Food and Meal Prep Diary:

Note I am on the smallest portion size as I only have a little bit more weight to lose so ingredient quantities may vary for you. If you need to lose more you get to eat more!

Breakfast: I always make my breakfast the night before in phase 1 and 3. I make fridge porridge which soaks overnight and is always delicious. I get ½ cup of old fashioned oats and combine in a plastic container with ½ cup of defrosted frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries and strawberries) and ½ a cup of apple and some rice milk/water for consistency. I defrost the berries as I like them to mush into the porridge and I find that they stay frozen in the fridge overnight if they aren’t thawed a little 1st. The apple I make myself as I find that canned apple or baby food apple that you can buy from the store is firstly expensive and secondly has refined sugar added to it. You can skin and chop up the apple to boil it and then puree it. Alternatively, one day I got lazy and just grated a green apple, skin on, into the porridge and it was equally as good. If you are using rice milk then you are supposed to treat it as part of your grain serving so just be careful of that i.e. rice milk and oats combine = ½ cup for me. I then leave this in the fridge overnight and grab it and go in the morning. I eat it when I get to work at about 7:15am.

Phase 1 Breakfast

Snack 1 &2: Snacks are so easy on this phase. Just pick fruit that you like and there you go, no prep required in most cases. I usually opt for apples, pears and oranges. Sometimes at the markets they have cheap pineapple and mango’s so I get those and make a mini fruit salad that you can have for both snacks. I like to challenge myself to not eat the same fruit twice in one day which keeps things interesting although not everyone has this luxury as fruit is seasonal depending on where you live.

Phase 1 Snacks

Lunch: I keep lunch simple. It’s winter where I live so I have boiled veggies (cabbage, broccoli, beans, carrots, garlic and spinach) with some kind of roast or fried meat. If I am frying I use a nonstick pan with herbs and spices in water or leftover broth (no oil in this phase) and the opposite grain that I plan to have for dinner. Either brown rice quinoa mix or rice vegetable pasta spirals. My most common mistake is I forget the fruit with lunch. I feel so full by the time the main meal is done I forget about it and remember an hour later that I didn’t have it which is annoying so remember your fruit!

Phase 1 Lunch or Dinner

Dinner: Dinner is similar to lunch. Some kind of meat and try and alternate boiled vegetables or salad with whatever you had at lunch. Same with the grain I have pasta for 1 and rice for the other.

An experiment for interest only – No counting remember!

As a little experiment I plugged the above typical phase 1 food diary into as I did in the phase 2 post. Can I just reinforce that Haylie says no counting and I don’t do this on a regular basis, trust me, the feeling of freedom I get from not having to calculate everything I put in my mouth is overwhelming, I’m never going back! But out of interest as someone who was a calibrated kcal counter I wanted to see how it compared. Here are the results:

Phase 1

Approximately 1600 calories which is pretty decent. Note the macro percentages: Carbs: 66.5%, Fat: 10.9%, Protein: 22.6%. I definitely don’t feel hungry on this phase despite the amount of carbs. I guess that the fruits are pretty low GI.


Exercise for phase 1 is of course cardio. I always try and do at least a 30 minute session on both of the days and I like to mix it up. It’s not all about slogging on the bike, treadmill or cross trainer at the gym. If you hate boring yourself on the cardio equipment maybe you could consider a more social team sport or activity you can do with a friend. I play squash with my partner every Tuesday which is fantastic cardio, constantly sprinting and changing direction. Or if none of that kind of thing is available to you could do something like swimming or water walking as both these exercises are low impact and a bit different from the usual brick wall that you stare at while you’re on the bike. If you really must use the cardio equipment there are also ways to spice up your cardio routine in the gym. Doing interval training is an option, I like to do run walk combos for example 1 minute walk on an incline of 5% followed by 1 minute running on the flat, repeat 10 times. Then week to week you can keep improving the speed you run or the incline you walk and eventually pump up the intensity even more by playing with the times i.e. 30 second walk 1:30 run. This gives you something to focus on and a goal to strive for each week. Also the varying speed keeps you body guessing and gives a way more satisfying burn! This method is easily transferable to the elliptical, rowing machine or bike. Finally, in more recent months I started HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This seriously gets the heat pumping and can be as complex or as simple as you want it. Generally you can’t do this for more than 20 minutes if done properly it really is fun and you will be sweating bullets! I use this when I can’t get to the gym (or can’t be bothered) as you can do it at home with no equipment.

I think that is another good point, you should be sweating. Your heart rate should be elevated, your armpits should be sweaty and your face should be pink. That doesn’t mean that you have to do sprints or anything too crazy because everyone’s fitness levels are different. The main thing is that you feel mildly uncomfortable, no more leisurely walks in the park because that is not going to rev up your metabolism!

My closing statements:

This phase is my favorite for eating but my least favorite for exercising. I think that it is important to find fruits that you like and convince yourself that they are treats. I definitely believe that the psychological aspect of this diet is very important. You need to believe hole heartedly in what you are doing and enjoy the things you are eating. There are plenty of yummy dishes that can be made in this phase because you have all the elements: curries or stews with rice, pasta dishes with tomato sauce, soups full of lentils and deliciously fruity porridge for brecky. I always like to hit the beetroot, carrots and tomatoes hard on these days because I miss them on phase 2.

It is also important that you do at least 1 day of cardio training, even if it just a 20 minute HIIT session, to really get your heart pumping and metabolism all fired up. I do notice the effects especially when I work out in the morning. I am a lot hungrier than usual and have to up the vegetable and water intake so I don’t go looking for other things to eat! If you do workout in the morning make sure you eat beforehand. I swap my snack and breakfast around and just take the extra veggies to fill in any gaps throughout the day.

Good luck on phase 1 and enjoy your food because up next is phase 2 and you want to go into it feeling satisfied!