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  1. Hi,

    I’m not sure if you are still blogging but I was searching for “female 80kg squat” on you tube and really liked your videos. I am from the UK and am similarly sugar free and enjoying weight lifting since Jan 2015 although I’ve always been pretty fit. I used to just do circuit classes though. Now I’ve ditched all the classes for the weights room. I feel a bit of a freak though – I don’t know any other females who enjoy lifting heavy. My husband doesn’t really get it and prefers rowing and running. My friends just think it’s a bit weird. I am just starting Corey Gregory’s “Squat every day challenge” as I really want to make some difference there. I manage to get to the gym 5 days a week at lunchtimes as I have 2 small children. Currently hitting 80kg for 1 rep so I was really impressed with you doing 3 reps. I tried 2 reps today but failed on the second one. I am going to try and increase reps on lower weights though. I try and hit a new small PR on one weight or other for reps. Your squat progress on your diary was really fast!

    Anyway thank you for inspiring me. I liked your leg pump exercise suggestion – I’ll try it tomorrow.

    Caroline x

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Great to hear you have started lifting this year! That’s a pretty impressive squat for 10 months training. I find that training my 5 set x 10rep max up as heavey as possible helps to get the max 1 rep up faster.
      I know what you mean about your friends not getting it. Mine don’t get it either but at the end of the day if you happy and feel good then it doesn’t really matter 🙂
      I have been pretty slack at blog blogging in the last year. I’ve got to get back into it!

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