Phase 2

A quick update: Coming Soon to BCB

So I thought I would post a quick update, I have been very absent from my blog which is not very accountable of me. After reaching my goal weight in July I started studying again part time and working full time which was very stressful. I unfortunately feel back into my old habit of comforting myself with chocolate… Lots and lots of it and jumped all the way back up to my starting weight :(. I put on what I lost in 3 months in 6 weeks. I have managed to reign myself in over the last couple of weeks and am sliding back down the scale, once again abiding by the fast metabolism rules. I have found a few more yummy recipes which I will be posting soon including:

Phase 3 Gluten free bread


Phase 3 Bacon and Egg Breakfast


Phase 2 Chocolate bites

Anytime hot chocolate

Phase 2 Smoked Salmon Snack

And more! Watch this space. I finish my exams in 4 weeks then I promise I will be back on here.

In the mean time keep living healthy!


Surviving Phase 2 on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I thought I would write some phase specific tips on how to get through each phase of the FMD. I will start with phase 2 as this seems to be the hardest phase for everyone. I will admit in the 1st few weeks I hated phase 2 with a passion, I mean fine no grains but then they take away carrots and tomatoes as well? Come on! But now I’m on my second cycle of 28 days don’t seem to mind. I think it is because I figured out how to prepare the food in a way that I like and I found a silver lining. I love weight training so I think of that as my treat. The food is boring but my reward is a fun gym session. Plus, because I work out after work I just imagine all the protein as I am eating it and how it is going to help me feel awesome in the gym and really kick my body into fat burning mode, because as you must know by now high protein diet plus the long lasting calorie after burn of weight training equals metabolism fat burn in over drive!

So the meal breakdown for phase 2 is:

Breakfast 1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving
Snack 1 1 Protein Serving
Lunch 1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving
Snack 2 1 Protein Serving
Dinner 1 Protein Serving, 1 Vegetable Serving

Now remember, vegetables are unlimited so every meal could technically be Protein and Vegetable but it’s up to you. Obviously these are not the most glamorous meals so this is the time to really go hard on herbs and spices. Some of my favourite things to have on this phase are soups, stews and of course roasted meat with boiled vegetables. My favourite snacks are meatballs.

Typical Phase 2 Food and Meal Prep Diary:

Breakfast: I will get up slightly earlier on these days as I don’t like to pre-prepare phase 2 breakfasts. I always have an omelette as I can’t imagine vegetables at breakfast any other way, it’s just wrong! I have a small non-stick fry pan the perfect size for omelettes which I picked up for $10 from a homeware store. I put in a ¼ of a cup of water, half an onion (red or brown) and kind of let the onion boil until it’s nice and soft. Just before all the water disappears I add spinach (about 4-5 medium leaves ripped up into small pieces by hand) and let that soften up as all the water boils off. I then add pre-cooked meat, usually chicken or ham (this morning I tried leftover mince this morning and it wasn’t bad!) and then immediately add the egg whites. Once it is cooked I serve with raw sliced red capsicum because they are crunchy and sweet. Now I cheat a little on the quantities in this omelette as I have 50 grams of cooked meat and the three egg whites whereas the portions indicate that a protein serve is 3 eggs OR 100 grams of meat. I am on the lowest weight loss amount therefore smallest portion sizes, I’m sure it would be easier for people who need to lose more weight as they get to eat bigger portions. I eat breakfast at 6:30am, I find that this keeps me full for long enough to get me through to the snack at 10:30am which is a little more than the 3 hour max you are supposed to go without eating but I did add 50 grams of meat so whatever.

Snack 1 &2: My snacks are usually the same for both snacks on both days, cook once eat twice I always say. Or four times in this case. I like to cook up pork meat balls on Tuesday night. You can even have them a phase 1 protein for dinner and save the leftovers for phase 2. So I take 600 grams of pork mince (this makes a dinner and phase 2 snacks for two people) finely chop an onion, celery, fresh coriander and ginger as well as adding garlic herb salt and 1 egg white for binding. I put all that stuff in a bowl and mix with my hands. Then roll little meat balls weighing approx. 40 grams (these will shrink down to approx. 25-30 grams when cooked) and put them on an oven tray lined with baking paper. Then I cook them in the oven for 20-30 minutes and just keep checking them till they look like they are done, Yum! Note my phase 2 snack portion size is 50 grams of meat, this may be different for you.

Extra tip: don’t forget the fruits in this phase are lemon and lime. I like to dissolve birch xylitol (FMD compliant substitute I use for sugar) in boiling water then add the juice of a lemon and lime and add cold water till it’s the desired temperature. This is a supplementary drink that you can have between meals and snacks if you feel hungry.

Lunch: I generally keep lunch simple. I either have a cut of meat which is roasted in the oven with boiled vegetables or a simple soup which I can re-heat at work. So if you want soup here’s what I do. I have an element top pressure cooker which is like the opposite to a slow cooker. It’s a big pot traps all the heat and steam inside as it boils and uses pressure to cook the food really fast. So all I do is chuck in the pot raw beef or chicken, herbs and spices that I like such as garlic, salt, cumin, mixed herbs, coriander, rosemary and vegetables such as celery, spinach or silverbeet, cabbage, onion, broccoli and of course a cup or so of water. Then put the lid on and let it do the rest. Of course you can do this in a normal pot or slow cooker it will just take longer. I like chunky soup but you can also whiz it up in the food processor if you like smooth soup. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare and 15 to cook so it’s super easy! Make a double if you want lunch for 2 days. Again cook once eat twice.

Dinner: Phase 2 dinners for some reason I always opt for a big juicy eye fillet steak or again roast meat and boiled vegetables. You can fry the steak in a non-stick pan and just use water or broth (left of juices from other times you have cooked meat) instead of oil. I season mine with garlic herb salt and it always hits the spot. I also boil my vegetables in garlic herb salt, I am slightly obsessed with it, I put it in everything!

An experiment for interest only – No counting remember!

As a little experiment I plugged the above typical phase 2 food diary into which is what I use to lose my 1st 12kgs by calorie counting. Now I know Haylie says no counting and I don’t do this on a regular basis, trust me, the feeling of freedom I get from not having to calculate everything I put in my mouth is overwhelming, I’m never going back! But out of interest as someone who was a calibrated kcal counter I wanted to see how it compared. Here are the results:

Phase 2

Approximately 1200 calories which is surprising low considering the amount of meat. Keep in mind am I on the smallest portion size as I don’t have a lot of weigh to lose. However this used to be my daily limit so it’s not that unfamiliar and I know phase 1 and 3 are a lot higher (I will do this again in surviving phase 1 and 3 posts). Note the macro percentages: Carbs: 29.7%, Fat: 14.2%, Protein: 56.1%. Again very interesting if you are or were into this kind of thing.

My closing statements:

This phase is boring but your key to making it through is flavour. I used to I get hungry so I take extra salad. I like to get red capsicum and cucumber diced, half a lemon juiced and a sprinkle of cumin. Or just take extra salad or boiled vegetables. I like to drink a big glass of water if I get an inkling of a hunger pang. But Haylie does say that you shouldn’t be hungry and if you are it’s because you aren’t eating enough vegetables.

The real adjustment in this phase is that you need to make sure you are getting enough vegetables and you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water. Common symptoms that people seem to have are headaches and constipation which usually is caused by lack of the above. I also have a magnesium supplement (dissolves in water) which helps with the muscle soreness from the weight and cardio training that I have done by the time I am in this phase and when I take it I notice I go number twos more often (too much info I’m sorry). Not sure on the science behind that but I’m sure there is a reason.

I wouldn’t recommend weighing yourself after this phase as I was always my heaviest on Friday after phase 2 had finished. I think it might be because protein doesn’t digest as quickly so maybe there is more food working your way through the system at this time making you heavier? That’s my guess and is no way scientific by the way. Find a silver lining in this very grey cloud like I did with weight training and focus on that even if it is “ Just 32 hours to go and it will be phase 3 and I can have *insert favourite phase 3 food here*”. You just have to grin and bear it, it’s only two days you can do it I believe in you!

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