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Christmas Body Blitz: Week 2 Check In


Was feeling good in the gym at 5:30 am jumped on the treadmill for some interval training but was probably a little ambitious and started out too fast. Ended up backing it down a bit but still managed to do 4.6km in 30 minutes.

PM: To make up for the session I missed last week I did my total body weights rep day. Felt so good even though I trained in the morning. I was sweating like crazy and pounded out all my reps, I was on fire. When I got home I callapsed into a heap on the floor and just laythere for like 20 minutes talking to my mum. I love this feeling! Like I gave it my everything in the gym, no regerets.


Woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain and wind, it was a bit nippy and to top it off my body was drained. Not DOMS but just lack of energy. I was super tired and feeling low… thats what you get for killing it in the gym 2 times in one day. I was suposed to play squash after work but my partner couldn’t make it so I just went home. Just as well, I think I needed that rest.


Legs day yay! Got to the gym and the squat rack was taken, for like 30 minutes. I had to change the order of my workout which sucks because when I don’t start with squats it messes everything up. That combined with Monday’s mega effort had me feeling pretty crappy. I did all the reps and weight that I had planned by my phase 2 silver linning was not happening :(.


Upper body workout. Hit the gym after work and while I was getting chnaged this lady came into the bathrooms and had a bitch fit at me about something I didnt even do. And I didnt even get a chance to retaliate. I then spent my workout so pissed off (and not in the good way when you can channel the anger into your workout). It just really annoyed me and I was obsesing over it. Even the next day. But again, I did all the reps and exercises I planned. So thats the main thing right?


Supposed to be a rest day today but I played squash to make up for Tuesday. It wasn’t great becuase it was at like 9pm (my boyfriend’s bright idea). But hey it got the blood pumping and I managed to get some streching in as well.


Total body weights. Yea man twice in one week! Finally things are starting to feel good again. Hitting those high reps on the squat had sweat dripping and feeling like a real workout once again. I think my body is finally adapting back into high volumes of exercise. Great way to finish a generally emotionally crappy week at the gym.

Check In:

Weight: 69.0 (+0.6kg)

Arms: 28.5cm (-0.5cm)

Waist: 70cm (-3.5cm)

Hips: 88.5cm (-2.5cm)

Upper Thigh: 60.5cm (-1.5cm)

Comp 1 2 Front

Comp 1 2 Side

Comp 1 2 Back

As predicted not much change in photos from week to week but as you can see my weight went up this week which was very suprising as I felt like I had slimmed down a bit (proof in the measurements). The only thing I can put it down to is reduction in fat and increase in muscle. I totally thought I was in for a loss 😦 but hey at least measurements are down they are the more importaint thing to be decreasing.



3 Cycle Results Comparison (July 19 2014)

So its been nearly 3 weeks since my last check in. Mainly I have been lazy/ busy and didn’t do my measurements or photos. Also my body seems to be approaching its natural comfort zone at what is probably my ideal weight. It has now been 11 weeks since starting the fast metabolism diet and 10 weeks have been strictly compliant (i had a week off back in May). I am pretty happy with my results so far and am happy even though things have really slowed down. As long as it stays off I don’t care. Its still winter where I live so I’m in no hurry, this summer is going to be awesome.

This week I have felt sick (like I want to throw up) for most of the week. Don’t know why yet I’m hoping it will stop soon but not surprisingly I have been eating less, forcing myself to eat actually and still complying with FMD. I hit my lowest ever weight on Saturday (my new weigh day) at 64.8 kg. I haven’t been this light since I was maybe 13 years old!

Note: Day zero weight and measurements can be found here. If you want to see what I do for exercise check out this weeks lifting diaries here.


Front Update: I am really loving my new flat stomach! If only the last of my hip fat would go away :(. I recently noticed my hip bones starting to emerge so its looking promising. I am working on definition but am generally happy with progress.


19.7.14 Side

Side Update: I can really see the definition in my tummy now! So stoked!


19.7.14 Back


Back Update: Not a lot to see here. Some definition in my upper back but apart from that hip fat loves the back side of my body. This is the last area that I am looking to improve before entering maintenance.


19.7.14 Legs

Leg Update: With all the heavy squatting I have been doing lately I am seeing some slow results in leg definition, particularly upper inner thigh. This is an area that needs improvement and is one that probably plagues many women. I can’t wait to wear hot pants in summer and not have to worry about cellulite! Still have a few months to go before I can justify wearing them though. Its a bit cold at the moment where I live…

Progress this Week

Weight: 64.8 kg (Previously 66.3 = -1.5 kg)

Left Leg: 57 cm (Previously 57.5 = -0.5 cm)

Right Leg: 58 cm (Previously 58 = same)

Hips: 87 cm (Previously 86.0 = +1 cm)

Waist: 67.5 cm (Previously 66 = +1.5 cm)


Lifting Diaries #4

This week I have been a bit sick but managed to get 2 lifting sessions in, however I kept it a little bit lighter than usual just to be safe. I also got some good footage for a talk through of my legs day which was fun! Breakdown as follows you can check out the links in the 1st entry if you don’t know what these exercises are:
Legs Day:



Arms n Abs Day:





Lifting Diaries #3

I finally did a video of me squatting! It’s a pitty its not from the side but oh well. This week has been pretty hard out I ended up clocking up 7 workouts whaat! I did 3 lifting days, 3 cardio and a body weight resistace circuit. Heres the stats:

Wednesday Legs Day (Heavy Squat):

Legs 1     Legs 3


Thursday: Arms n Abs Day

Arms 1   Arms 2 Arms 3    Arms 4

Bonus Day (Reps Squats):

Capture     C2

Lifting Diaries Entry #2

This week was another good week, I managed to get in all my exercise plus an extra session on Saturday. As per usual Wednesday was legs and Thursday was arms and abs. I think next week I might swap them round as my legs are tired on Wednesdays after cardio on both Monday and Tuesday. Here’s how I went this week:

Legs Day:

Muscles felt tired from running the day before so not the best session but put my head down and got it done. Squats we feeling stiff again but was able to push out 10 reps on 60 for nearly 3 sets.

Legs Day 25.6.14

Arms and Abs day:

Felt good on this session. I usually have my headphones on but I forgot them for this session and got complemented by a couple of people on how strong I was which is nice 🙂 Still didn’t manage to get all the exercises in and stopped at 1 hr 15

Arms and Abs Day 26.6.14

June 23rd 2014 – Cycle 2 Week 3 Check In

Ahhh so its been a bumpy week. It started out with night shift which was not ideal as night work always throws me off. I always get sick when I work nights even if it is just 1 night in the middle of summer. So I am happy to report that I didn’t get sick this time around. Despite my eating and weigh time being off I managed to do my weigh in on Monday and was surprisingly light. However my body has been acting weird. I wasn’t able to drink the amount of water I usually drink as on that night shift I am down on site full time which means the only toilet available is a portable toilet which I refuse to uses as the boys don’t exactly try to aim when they go (yuck). So I was probably dehydrated and tired and have been paying for it ever since. I weighed again on Wednesday morning heavy at 66.8 a whole kilo up from Monday (WHAT!). I didn’t get upset because those are the rules when you do multiple weigh ins but it motivated me to be very focused on drinking water and vegging out (eating large amounts of vegetables) on phase 2 days to help guarantee the number going down by next Monday.


On Sunday and Monday nights we had spelt wraps for dinner (breakfast for me being on the night shift). These were nowhere near as filling as a cup of rice and they contain gluten which I didn’t think about at 1st but then mum and I both had unsettled tummies the next day. Am I now gluten intolerant? Oh well who cares if I am, more motivation to stay on this healthy track if that is the case.

Another thing that I started to notice last week was that I am getting ravenously hungry on phase 1. I have been taking extra vegetables and lemon drinks and always eat as soon as I feel hungry but it is very annoying. I have decided I need to add a third snack of fruit like it says to in the book because I am up for extended hours and with exercising early in the morning he snack is easily added before breakfast, pre workout. Remember you should never feel hungry because then there is a risk your body is going to be cannibalising muscle for energy if you ignore it for too long.


Even though my body has been a bit out of whack but I was determined to keep my fitness routine up. I feel like last week was so perfect and I wanted to keep up that standard. So I got up on Monday day (I wasn’t at work as I had worked the night before) and dragged my butt to the gym despite feeling very tired. My mum suggested that I have the day off as my body would have taken a hit form the disrupted sleeping pattern but I was determined. I did a lot of stretching and 30 minutes interval training (run, inclined power walking)on the treadmill, capped off by some mat based body weight ab exercises. I felt really good afterwards which was nice and I didn’t get sick so that was a plus. On Tuesday I managed to get a 30 minute game of squash in with my partner. Two ticks for cardio once again.

Wednesday rolled around and I was excited, Wednesday is legs day and I love legs day! Unfortunately it didn’t go very well. I think not getting enough sleep in the days leading up to it didn’t help. I felt stiff and un-energised. So much for my favourite day of the week. Arms day was average as well but I was having trouble recovering so all my weights were off and I missed 3 exercises off the routine because I got to 1hr 15 mins and decided that it was enough my arms were just failing. I have decided to start a separate lifting diary for anyone who is interested in what I actually do. Check it out here.

Exercise goal: Mum does this yoga class and they are having a weekend retreat in the Coromandal in August. She invited me to come and I said yes… Now it’s kind of hippy weirdo and it seems that that is the direction I am heading in as I have given up dairy and sugar and gluten, eating organic why not chuck yoga retreat in there two. What has happened to me? So the date is set for August 15th to 17th which is good motivation to get my ass into gear with stretching and Youtube yoga weekly.

Blog Goals

I started writing lifting diaries so I get a tick for last week (actually last 3 weeks) goal. Next up I want to start filling in the healthy eating menu tab with some of the recipes that I cook up! I think I will start with the desserts!

Progress this Week

Weight: 66.3 kg (Previously 65.8 = +0.5 kg) Waaaaah I jinxed it last week. My 1st gain in 2 months, also since starting FMD 😦

Left Arm: 27 cm (Previously 27 = same)

Right Arm: 27 cm (Previously 27 = same)

Left Leg: 57.5 cm (Previously 58 = -0.5 cm)

Right Leg: 58 cm (Previously 58.5 = -0.5 cm)

Hips: 86 cm (Previously 88.0 = -2 cm)

Waist: 66 cm (Previously 68.5 = 2.5 cm)

A strange trend I have noticed is when I am losing weight my measurements don’t budge but when I am maintaining or having a really small loss I am droping centimeters in my waist and hips. Weird. Anyway I will focus on getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep this week as I am sure that has had a major part to play in this weeks results.

Have a great week!

Lifting Diaries Entry #1

Hello and welcome to my first addition of lifting diaries! (Cheesy much?). I thought I would do these posts to supplement my weekly check in’s if anyone was interested in my lifting abilities. So as it stands now I only do 2 lifting days a week on Wednesday and Thursday as I am adhering to the FMD rules. Wednesday’s are lower body lifts and Thursdays are upper body, back and abdominal lifts. I used to lift 4 to 5 times a week and I hope to get back to that when I reach my goal weight.

I make up my own workouts as I have had a few year’s experience with personal trainers and power lifting training. I first started lifting when I was 13 and I’m now 22! If I ever need inspiration I hit up Youtube or For heavy lifting training I generally do a couple of 6-10 week cycles starting with high rep low weight (10 to 12 reps = high, weight is light but still pushing the limit on the 10th rep). By the time I reach the end of the 1st cycle I am down to 6 reps on a moderate to heavy weight. Then back up to 8 reps with more of a medium range weight for the start of the second cycle. By the end of the second cycle I am on 1-3 rep max weight. Although this is hard to progress only doing 1 upper and 1 lower workout a week so I am kind of maintaining my lifting at the moment not really training to increase my bests until I have finished my weight loss.

Legs Day (aka my favourite day of the week)

As I mentioned in my check in I wasn’t feeling too great this week which was totally depressing. Lack of sleep really effects my lifting. I use an android app called Jucy for recording my lifting. If you want to see a breakdown of the exercise technique just click the exercise name as I have linked them to the demos on Here are the stats:


Barbell Back Squat – Moderate Weight High Reps

Super Set

Stiff Leg Deadlift – Light Weight High Reps

Barbell Split Squat – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Hamstring Curl Machine (Single Leg) – Light Weight High Reps

Standing Calf Raise Machine – Light Weight High Reps


Barbell Back to forward lunge – Light Weight High Reps

Total Workout Time: 45 minutes (not including warm up or stretching)

WO - 18.6.14

Arms n’ Abs Day:

Second week of this new combo of exercises and I was a bit all over the place. My recovery time was high and when I hit 1hr 15 mins I stopped because my arms were just failing. I didn’t manage to do oblique drops or hanging back extensions and I usually aim to do 5 sets but that wasn’t happening either. My super sets were all messed up because of equipment availability and my weights were all messed up because of how quickly my muscles were fatiguing. I did the workout so points for that. Better luck next week when I‘ve had more sleep…

Super Set

Barbell Flat Bench – Light Weight High Reps

Pallof Press – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Overhead Tricep Rope Pulls – Light Weight High Reps

Rope Crunch – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Bent arm dumbbell pullover – Light Weight High Reps

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Barbell bent over row– Light Weight High Reps

Oblique Drops – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Wide Grip Lat Pull-down– Light Weight High Reps

Standing Cable Lift– Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Upright Cable Rows– Light Weight High Reps

Cable wood choppers – Light Weight High Reps

Super Set

Hanging Back Extension – Light Weight High Reps

Barbell Curls – Light Weight High Reps

WO - 19.6.14